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Company Address: 1133 Yonge Street | 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M4T 2Y7

Phone: (866) 898-8868

Web Site: https://www.hazelviewproperties.com/

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For the past two decades, we have proudly managed properties across six provinces and twenty-five cities. However, our success isn’t merely a matter of numbers; it is reflected in the countless stories of the people we serve. We gauge our achievements by the human experiences we foster, seen in the diverse residents from all corners of the country and the globe who have chosen a Hazelview Property as their home.

At Hazelview Properties, we understand that great living spaces are crafted by exceptional individuals. Our dedicated team members and our wonderful residents are at the heart of what makes our communities truly special. Their collective contributions and shared experiences create not just places to live, but thriving, vibrant homes.