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Company Address: 3700 Kempt Road Suite 100, Halifax NS, B3K 4X8

Phone: (902) 453-9000

Web Site: https://killamreit.com/

Social Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter


Killam Apartment REIT, headquartered in Halifax, stands as one of Canada’s premier residential landlords. Our extensive and varied portfolio includes apartments, manufactured homes, and seasonal properties, which we own, operate, manage, and continually develop to meet diverse housing needs.

Our commitment extends beyond mere property management; we are dedicated to offering clean, safe, and accessible housing for individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of their age, background, or income level. To realize this vision, Killam collaborates with numerous non-profit housing organizations and government agencies. Through these partnerships, we proudly provide over 800 subsidized units within our communities, ensuring that affordable housing options are available to those who need them most.