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Company Address: 400 – 1201 Glenmore Trail SW, Calgary, AB

Phone: (855) 247-1492

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At Avenue Living Communities, we aim to help people find a home where they feel a true sense of belonging and comfort.

Since our inception in 2006, our vision has remained steadfast: to provide high-quality rental homes for individuals and families across Canada. We believe a home should be a sanctuary, a place where lasting memories of comfort and safety are made. This belief guides everything we do.

With over 22 locations spanning the prairie provinces of Canada, our residents enjoy the flexibility and stability that comes with renting an apartment or townhome from us. They know they can rely on the high standard of service that defines Avenue Living Communities.

As we expand, we continue to refine our quality based on the evolving needs of our residents. We are committed to listening attentively and using resident feedback to drive continuous improvements in both our processes and properties. Our aim is to enhance the resident experience, helping them create unforgettable moments at home and within their community.

The word “Communities” in our name signifies our dedication to fostering togetherness and building strong, vibrant neighborhoods. We take pride in creating environments where people connect and form meaningful relationships. Our employees and residents together form what we call the Avenue Living Communities family. Every day, we strive to enrich and inspire the everyday lives of our residents.

At Avenue Living Communities, we are more than just a housing provider; we are a community inspired by the people who live and work here. Together, we build not just homes, but a sense of belonging and family.