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Company Address: 485 Bank St., Suite 200 Ottawa, ON K2P 1Z2

Phone: (855) 479-1916

Web Site: https://www.clvgroup.com/

Social Networks: Facebook, Linkedin


Our comprehensive and distinct real estate services offer an exceptional platform that is deeply rooted in a customer-centric philosophy. Our brand was founded on a rich legacy of multi-family property management, with resident care being at the heart of everything we do. This foundational principle continues to drive us, as we take great pride in delivering the same high standard of impeccable service to every client we engage with.

By prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of our residents, we ensure that each interaction and service provided is of the utmost quality. Our dedication to maintaining this level of excellence sets us apart and ensures that our clients receive unparalleled care and attention, solidifying their trust and loyalty in our brand.