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Company Address: 1000 Mt Pleasant Rd #100, Toronto, ON M4P 2M2, Canada

Web Site: https://www.homestead.ca/


Established amidst the quaint streets of Kingston in the year 1954, Homestead Land Holdings Limited has since burgeoned into a venerable entity spanning across 20 vibrant cities throughout the province of Ontario. At present, our esteemed organization proudly oversees a portfolio exceeding 26,000 residential apartments, catering to the diverse needs of our cherished residents.

Amidst our journey of expansion and evolution, one steadfast beacon has guided our path—the unwavering commitment to uphold the timeless ethos upon which our company was founded. At the heart of our endeavors lies a profound dedication to furnishing our residents with more than mere shelter; rather, we pledge to furnish them with homes imbued with affordability, security, and a quality of care that mirrors the treatment we would extend to our own beloved family members. This principle serves as the cornerstone of our operations, infusing every facet of our business with integrity, compassion, and excellence.