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Company Address: 305 Roehampton Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4P 0B2

Phone: (416) 487-3050

Web Site: https://www.myrental.ca/

Social Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter


For over four decades, the KG Group has been a cornerstone of the Toronto real estate landscape, a testament to the vision and dedication of its co-founders, Marvin Katz and Sam Goldband. Established as a private entity, this esteemed company has etched its mark through meticulous property development and management practices, shaping the urban fabric of the Toronto region.

With a diverse portfolio spanning residential and commercial sectors, the KG Group stands as a beacon of excellence, boasting ownership and management of over 2,000 rental apartment units across Toronto. Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation shines through their approach, characterized by a fusion of expertise in construction and property management.

At the heart of the KG Group’s ethos lies a transformative business philosophy, one that prioritizes the acquisition of prime locations to craft vibrant, integrated communities and premium multi-family residences. Their modus operandi isn’t merely about erecting structures; it’s about sculpting living environments that foster connectivity, convenience, and unparalleled quality of life.

Central to their success is a relentless pursuit of excellence in service delivery. The KG Group prides itself on exceeding residents’ expectations, going above and beyond to curate experiences that transcend the conventional norms of rental living. Each community they cultivate is a testament to their commitment to redefining the standards of urban dwelling, one neighborhood at a time.

In essence, the KG Group isn’t just in the business of real estate; they’re in the business of transformation. Their journey isn’t merely measured in years but in the profound impact they’ve had on the Toronto skyline and the lives of those who call their properties home. Through innovation, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, the KG Group continues to shape the narrative of Toronto’s real estate landscape, setting new benchmarks and raising the bar for the industry as a whole.